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1. Do not submit any submissions that aren't comics. (i.e. anything without dialogue bubbles and words)

2: Remember to submit your comic to the appropriate genre. (i.e. Action Adventure, comedy, drama, etc.)

3: Do not submit anything that has nudity, extreme profanity, or extreme sexual content. Also nothing that suggests any of the above.

4: If you want your own comic folder, please follow the guidelines below. (Rule defunct as of the update to groups without super group.)

5: Single page comics DO NOT mean a single comic series. If the comic starts and ends on one page then submit it there, anything else; No.

*Rules Updated on 8/5/2016*

ARCHIVE The Archive list will become available shortly

The Rules and Guidelines

This group is for people who wish to showcase their comics to people who may not watch them or even know them.

If the content of your comic is one page, or one panel please submit to the “1 Page Misc.” or “1 Panel Misc” folders.

Because this group was originally intended to be an archive of comics we would still like to keep that idea. The archive will consist of all the previous comics that had folders before.

Comics getting the most traffic will receive there own folder. The requirements for having your comic in it’s own folder on the groups front page are…
-High traffic, 500 views or more in a month of submission or 1500 views on the majority of the pages all together.
-Multiple chapters, like 4+
-ongoing. Your comic must be updated often or reasonably

If you meet this criteria, list the following------
Full name of comic (No abriviations):
Your username: e.g. Shirokaze2012
Genre: e.g. Action, Adventure, Romance, etc, etc…
Folder location: Link to comic folder in own gallery.

Those who wants to be a contributor of the group will also have to follow these guidelines unless contact by the founder.

Please do not request that your comic get it’s own folder on the front page, we only have 120 slots for folders we can’t put everyone’s comic as a main folder. Deciding if the comic gets it’s own folder is up to the co-founders and myself entirely.

These rules as we fit, they are subject to change as the progresses.

Gallery Folders

Sonic Comic Artists Group Icon by Cornelious-Raidon
ANP - Issue 1 Page 9 by Burningstarlight17
ANP - Issue 1 Page 8 by Burningstarlight17
ANP - Issue 1 Page 7 by Burningstarlight17
Chaotix Boom Page 1 by Dream350
Coming Together (Teaser) by Dream350
Sonic comic page 64 by jaguarcats
Sonic kamikazee Pg.4 by SonicMiku
Sonic Kamikaze Pg.5 by SonicMiku
Sonic Heroes 2 - Babylon - page 24 by Missplayer30
S.T.C Issue 11 Page 10 by Okida
Teaching of Fear (Issue 1 page 24) by Ora-Allagis
Sonic Freedom Files: Sky Monster Part 4 Page 10 by SkippyP008
Animated Comics
Sonic Heroes 2 - Dark - page 42 by Missplayer30
Sonic Heroes 2 - Sonic - page 32b by Missplayer30
the legend of cris the hedgehog pag 171 by SonicXstar
Sonic Heroes 2 - Dark - page 33 by Missplayer30
Big Changes Page 1 by Dream350
Why couldn't it have been me? by Missplayer30
Smiles Can Kill Ya by Ora-Allagis
Hide and Seek by FanGirlDSQ
Comedic Action-Adventure
Page 5 by Ora-Allagis
Page 6 by Ora-Allagis
Empty book -Page56- by ultimatewino
Empty book -NEW cover- by ultimatewino
Comedic Adventure
No More Cutscenes by Black-Nocturne
Infinite's Story - Alternative Version by Black-Nocturne
My Fakest Best Friend (Issue 1 Page 11) by Ora-Allagis
My Fakest Best Friend (Issue 1 Page 10) by Ora-Allagis
Whatever happened to sally (page 27) by EbbiTheTigress
Tainted Hero Pg 3 by SonikkuFan94
|Sonic Forces comic| Do you...? by HimeMikal
Tainted Hero Pg 2 by SonikkuFan94
Stay Alive.        - (Horror Comic Concept) - by BrandonHartman
Secreto  parte 1 by Vegetitakawaii
Sonic Boom Episode 59 Epilogue Page 6 by Katlinthefox
Sonic Boom Episode 59 Epilogue Page 5 by Katlinthefox
Horror Adventure
Thanas Page 14 by TommasoSolari
Whatever happened  to Sally (page 26) by EbbiTheTigress
Romantic Action-Adventure
p.29 (Tokyo, Mobius and Mystic Ruins 15 yrs later) by creativegirl40
Romantic Comedy
Looking Towards the Future by Curtthebard21
Sci-Fi Horror
iNSaNiTY Manga - pg92 Vol 4 - ENG by Masked-Bixch
Sci-Fi Action
POCDX - Issue 1: Page 6 by MarekSterling
Hangin Out - 36 by Hydroxianchaos
Spy Fiction
Blind Virus *MANGA* page 11 by SugarCokkie
Single Page Comics
Eggatha's Heavy King cameo by Wakeangel2001
Single Panel Comics
Super Sonic Rose by Chauvels
Mobian genetics headcannon by angelamyrose

Group Info

Sonic Comic Artists Welcome!
We're all about promoting those comic pages you got!
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 8, 2010


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1,937 Members
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Ok I really need to getting around to stating this, because this is extremely annoying when accepting submissions...

Please try NOT to double submit your comic pages and stuff. I understand that sometimes you might miss click or double click on submit, but I'm referring to those who submit the SAME thing the NEXT day after they submitted it the day before.

Stop doing that.

Submissions expire in a week, not in one day, so theres no rush to get your submission in the group, it'll get accepted when it gets accepted.

I think I'm literally the only one running this group right now, I'm not even sure if the other admins are even here at all anymore... and believe it or not, we have lives to attend to, so we can't always get your submission in the group within the 24 hours you submitted it, sometimes it might take a day or two because of other matters to attend to.

Your submissions WILL be accepted within the week at my leisure and when I have time to do such. All I ask is for some patience, alright?

Thank you, I hope you guys are enjoying your time in the group still!

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HundredKnightOrchid Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

I may know of a discord server That could be opening soon, I also may know that This server could be looking for Official Sonic characters to be played in this Server, And I did hear about it being opened very soon. There was also something said about the first 50 people that join could get a founders role. Maybe if you Note me, Maybe I could tell you details about whats going on and perhaps you may find something pretty cool about it. OH! I almost forgot, I also may know of the characters that need to be filled in for.

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glitcher Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I'd like to have my Sonic Retold comic added to your gallery. What is the best way to submit all 43 pages en masse? Is there any limit to submissions? Thanks.
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VandalBlueX Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hey,admins,  have a cmic right now, but in spanish language, can anyone translate it to english, please? 
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VandalBlueX Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
i have a comic... a large one, soon!
creativegirl40 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, i dont know if u missed it..
but can u accept this:…

please let me know if something is wrong:)
creativegirl40 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can u accept this:  p.15 (tokyo,mobius, and mystic ruins 15 yrs lter) by creativegirl40  
AkiOrinoco Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me. Do you know any good freeware tutorials how to draw Sonic style characters? I very want to learn it.
Please, help me Aww
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SONI4CA Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
Hello. I'd like to submit my comic, but didn't find a genre for me (detective). What can I choose instead?
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BLUPROPAGANDA Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So any suggestions on were to start reading the Sonic comics? 
CyberDaHedgehog Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
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