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1. Do not submit any submissions that aren't comics.

2: Remember to submit your comic to the appropriate genre

3: Do not submit anything that has nudity or extreme profanity.

4: If you want your own comic folder, please follow the guidelines below.

ARCHIVE The Archive list will become available shortly

The Rules and Guidelines

This group is for people who wish to showcase their comics to people who may not watch them or even know them.

If the content of your comic is one page, or one panel please submit to the “1 Page Misc.” or “1 Panel Misc” folders.

Because this group was originally intended to be an archive of comics we would still like to keep that idea. The archive will consist of all the previous comics that had folders before.

Comics getting the most traffic will receive there own folder. The requirements for having your comic in it’s own folder on the groups front page are…
-High traffic, 500 views or more in a month of submission or 1500 views on the majority of the pages all together.
-Multiple chapters, like 4+
-ongoing. Your comic must be updated often or reasonably

If you meet this criteria, list the following------
Full name of comic (No abriviations):
Your username: e.g. Shirokaze2012
Genre: e.g. Action, Adventure, Romance, etc, etc…
Folder location: Link to comic folder in own gallery.

Those who wants to be a contributor of the group will also have to follow these guidelines unless contact by the founder.

Please do not request that your comic get it’s own folder on the front page, we only have 120 slots for folders we can’t put everyone’s comic as a main folder. Deciding if the comic gets it’s own folder is up to the co-founders and myself entirely.

These rules as we fit, they are subject to change as the progresses.

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Archie announced that they will be making a Sonic Boom Comic coming out October 2014. you can preorder here…

Verdant covers:

interview by IGN:

"IGN Comics: How will the Sonic Boom comic tie into the cartoon and the game? Are we looking at a prequel or a sequel or maybe something else?

Paul Kaminski: The Sonic Boom comic takes place within a new branch of the Sonic Universe that, in addition to the games Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS, will include a first-ever CG-animated TV series on Cartoon Network! The comic stories are stand-alone adventures packed with all the action and comedy of the Sonic Boom global initiative!

IGN: This is the first comic to feature the newly designed Sonic characters. Has Sonic’s personality changed somewhat along with his look? What about the rest of the cast?

Ian Flynn: Sonic is still pretty much what you’d expect – quick-witted, playful, and snarky. Tails is likewise very much the same as he’s been in the current games – an equal partner in Sonic’s adventures. Knuckles has gotten a bit goofier, but his friendly rivalry with Sonic remains. Amy has traded in her total fixation on Sonic for being the sensible one of the group… mostly.

Kaminski: It’s everything you know and love about the cast already, only with a fresh twist on design and personality. I would say Sonic and Tails are the most unchanged from the modern iterations of the characters, with a few notable design differences.

IGN: Who are the main characters of the Sonic Boom comic?

Kaminski: Well, of course Sonic is the star (I mean, his name’s in the title and stuff) and Knuckles, Amy and Tails are all key members of the core cast just like always. Now, “Sticks” is the newest addition to the crew, and we couldn’t wait to get her into the mix alongside these other staples of the Sonic world! It’s always such an exciting opportunity when Sega presents us with a new character to write and draw in the comics and Stick’s personality makes her a great addition to the core cast!

IGN: What will the first story arc be about?

Flynn: Eighty pages. (nyuk-nyuk) The first arc sets the comical, whimsical tone for the series. It’ll explore the character relationships – as well as have a reoccurring giant, killer robot.

Kaminski: The emphasis for this series is centered squarely on FUN. Lots of stand-alone adventure, but with some over-arching stuff going on from issue to issue that builds up to some REALLY awesome happenings a little later on down the line. The first story arc sets the stage, shows you Sonic’s world, and introduces you to the heroes and villains, all while kicking the action and antics WAY up!

IGN: Will we see any of Sonic’s classic enemies like Doctor Robotnik or Metal Sonic?

Flynn: Dr. Eggman will definitely be showing up, but it’s too early to comment on Metal Sonic. As for any other game characters – classic or modern – that’s up to SEGA! We play in the sandbox they provide.

Kaminski: [Archie Comics] never shies away from a chance to build on the mythology of the games and game characters we introduce in comic book form – there will be loads of surprises as this series roles on, I can guarantee you that! As for Eggman, oh boy will he be involved!

IGN: Anything you’d like to add to get fans excited for the Sonic Boom comic?

Flynn: I’m really excited to be writing the series since it’s a very different Sonic than our other books, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. It’s a more casual read with a focus on comedy and adventure than an on-going action-adventure drama. I think anyone will be able to grab any issue and enjoy themselves.

Kaminski: If you’ve never picked up a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book before, this is definitely the place the start. The Sonic Boom comics will be more stand-alone than our sister titles (available monthly at fine retailers near you plugplugplugplug), so new readers will have a super easy (and fun!) time plunging into the stories without having a lot of back-story involved.
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I only ask cause I wanna know if this could be submitted to this group:…

It's got a diversity and no official characters so...yeah.
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